What Does a Janitorial Service Include?

01 Oct

The term 'janitorial service' can refer to several different things. In the United States, however, the most common uses are in the public sector. In large companies, janitorial services consist of everyday and small cleaning tasks, while larger commercial office cleaning companies engage in more extensive and challenging tasks. For instance, regular, thorough vacuuming of carpets is often a component of janitorial services for large offices, while deep, expensive carpet cleaning is usually part of larger commercial cleaning plans.

Janitorial services are usually scheduled as part of the company's regular operating hours, and tend to be very minimal in scope - often just the elimination of a single step, such as mopping the floors or changing light bulbs. Large janitorial services involve scheduling services for larger areas, such as an entire building. Depending on the needs of the company, these tasks may include sweeping and mopping floors or may involve the emptying of waste receptacles and trashcans.
Most janitorial services will include a variety of duties. Some will merely be responsible for wiping down office surfaces, while others will be responsible for cleaning restroom and kitchen areas, as well as possibly emptying trash bins. While these duties sound easy, they require a great deal of attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of each job's specific cleaning requirements. 

This is why it's important to consider hiring the professional Greenville janitor service near me, who not only know how to properly wipe down office surfaces but also how to use specialty products and solutions to get the job done right.
One of the most important aspects of janitorial services is being aware of what kind of "rules" the janitors have. For example, some janitors are strictly prohibited from making physical contact with customers, due to fears of germs and other infections. Other janitors won't allow food to be dropped or wiped on their surfaces, for fear of spreading germs. Still, others won't allow shoes or other items to be left sitting on the floor for too long. In short, it's important for the janitorial company to clearly outline its rules so that employees know what to expect when dealing with these types of businesses.

Of course, dealing with a ISSA CIMS certified janitor service can only do so much to keep a business clean. If the business owner simply allows his or her employees to do their job, then a commercial property cleaning contract is required. This is often written in a contract that is drawn up by both the owner and janitorial services. This contract, once signed, ensures that the company will do its job, which includes keeping restrooms, kitchens, and floors clean, promptly. For businesses that aren't on a solid commercial property cleaning footing already, this may be the best option for getting the job done right the first time, without outside help.
The bottom line is that most commercial janitorial services include a broad range of services for businesses that are open for business. These range from basic cleaning to power washing, from general to specialty. Some specialize in certain areas, such as deep carpet cleaning or graffiti removal. They also offer the extra services that businesses need, including window cleaning, exterior painting, and even pest control. A professional janitorial services company can maximize the space and resources that a business has, leaving it more efficient and pleasing to the eye. It all comes down to finding a company that's right for you, your employees, and your budget.


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