Janitorial Services

01 Oct

Janitorial and commercial cleaning services are very different from each other but share some common characteristics as well. Both involve physically removing dirt and debris from a location and mopping it up afterward. They both involve scheduling, planning, and spending some time in the field. The following are some tips on hiring commercial cleaning services to maintain your business's place of business.
Janitorial services consist of small and sometimes large day-to-day cleaning jobs, while commercial janitorial services entail larger tasks which are completed usually every six weeks or annually. 

For instance, standard vacuuming of hard surface floors is an aspect of janitorial services, as is deep carpet cleaning. Vacuuming is usually done by a machine with a brush or vacuum head attached to the end. If you have more than one floor to mopping then you may want to consider having two people Vacuum and Wash Floors at once.
Commercial cleaning is more time-consuming than janitorial services and may involve more physical labor. Often janitorial services will focus on areas of the office space that is hard to access for cleaning or contains a high volume of dust and dirt particles. On the other hand, commercial companies will focus on areas such as the lobby, reception area, waiting rooms, kitchens, walkways, and parking lots. The goal is to make your office space as clean as possible to impress potential customers. They also help alleviate the accumulation of trash and debris in these areas and keep floors and hallways clean for the rest of the building.

Janitorial services tend to hire individuals who are very familiar with basic janitorial services like sweeping and mopping, and they are often less experienced when it comes to trash removal. The job duties for janitors often vary depending on the specific company, but many of them are responsible for cleaning out the restrooms, changing light bulbs, and taking out the trash. They may also be responsible for doing any repairs within the offices themselves, including lifting shelves and moving desks. Additionally, they may be called upon to clean up spills and stains within the offices themselves.
Depending on the contract that you have with a janitorial service company, the starting hourly rate may vary. Some janitorial services start off with a minimum wage, but overtime is generally included in the contract. Starting rates are often very low, especially if you work for a larger company that is looking for someone to clean in their spare time. Many janitorial services offer training to employees on how to perform the specific cleaning duties that they are hired for. 

This training can be offered in classes, videotapes, or through other means so that each employee is trained how to do his or her job properly and to provide a high level of service to their customers.
The best Certified janitor service near me can offer you a variety of special and different services for your office, which means that you are only limited by what your budget will allow. These services may be just what you need to get rid of some of the more unorganized paperwork that has accumulated in your office over the years, or they might be just what you need to help make sure that all of your offices remain clean and well-maintained. Whatever your specific needs, there is no doubt that hiring a janitorial services company for these services can be just what you need to help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.. 

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